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Morning Skincare Routine| Oily Combination Skin


Hey lovelies I’m back with another beauty related post! If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you will definitely be familiar with the products I’m sharing in today’s post. I mentioned them in my Skincare haul & May favourites. Today I’m sharing how I incorporate these products in my morning skincare routine.

Products I use on my skin in the morning

The routine I’m sharing with you today I’ve been following for a few months. It keeps my skin glowy and healthy, and it’s maintainable. In addition, both my morning and nighttime skincare routine take about 5-10 minutes making them easy to fit in every day. As I walk you through my routine, I’ll highlight some products that I have made a huge impact for me!


morning skin care routine for oily combination skin



The first thing I do is drink a glass of water to stay hydrated! We all know how important it to stay hydrated so make sure you drink your water girl!


I start my skincare routine with a gentle, refreshing cleanser.  My two favourites are Avene & Cerave. Both are great for acne-prone skin. I’ve talked about these products in my Skincare haul post and skincare videos.

Note:  I only cleanse my skin with products if I do any sort of exercise in the mornings. otherwise,  I stick to just washing my face with water. My nighttime skincare routine is already pretty intense since I always do a double cleanse so washing my face with only water does the job.

Face mask

Morning skin care routine pamper day
After I cleanse I like to use a face mask, I mostly do this once or twice week, especially on weekends. I love Loreal Paris Clay mask and Gleaming vitamin C mask because they are gentle on the skin and gives me a nice glow afterwards

Apply vitamin C serum from The ordinary 

I love incorporating vitamin c into my routine as it helps to brighten my skin and I can see a noticeable difference. I’m currently using The ordinary Ascorbyl glucoside Solution 12%

Under-eye cream

 I don’t do this every day I mostly apply under cream when I am wearing makeup as it helps to keep this area moisturised.  I’m in love with Antipodes Kiwi the under-eye cream I’ve been using this for a few months, a little goes a long way so I only add a small amount to finger and pat in gently under my eyes.


The next step is to apply moisturiser, I’m using L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius Liquid Care Moisturiser which is super lightweight and refreshing on my skin. If you have oily skin I would recommend this product as it doesn’t leave your skin feeling clogged up and greasy.

Last step – SPF

I’ve really upped my SPF game recently and this is something I wear every day regardless if I leave the house or not. What I love about the La Roche Posay SPF is it doesn’t leave that annoying white cast and works really well under my make up. I apply it all over my face, my neck and chest area as well as these are all sensitive areas.

The last and final step is to apply lip balm to keep my lips moisturised during the day.

Consistency married with the right products is the key!  I have noticed a huge improvement with my skin ever since I switched up my skincare products and started being consistent.

Watch My morning skincare Routine video to see how I Apply the Products

What’s your morning skincare routine like? Share some of your favourite products below

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