Equipment & Resources for YouTube, Blogging,

This is my collection of video/audio equipment & blogging resources and that I use and recommend. Support me by buying through these links if you’re interested in anything!



Present –   Panasonic Lumix GX7

This is my main camera for filming my youtube videos, it’s very lightweight, films in 4k and comes with a flip out screen.

Vlogging camera – Panasonic Lumix  LX100

This is my vlogging camera, it’s great for holidays and short trips. It also films in 4k and the picture and video quality are great. The lenses are fixed However, it has a wide zoom range which really comes in handy for videos and getting that perfect shot.



14- 42 Kit lenses

This lenses comes with the camera, it’s a pretty standard lenses. I use it sometimes for vlogging.


20mm pancake lenses

This lens is my favorite for filming everyday tutorials, it has a wide shooting range with allows you to capture everything. It also has an aperture of 1.7 which defocuses gives off a slightly blurred background.


42.5mm Lenses

This is my go-to lenses for taking fashion and beauty shots for my blog. This lens gives you the blurred background effect which is great for beauty & lifestyle bloggers. It really makes the quality of my content more professional



Umbrella Lights

I love using umbrella lights because they are easy to set up and store away. These lights are really affordable and they make a huge difference when filming.


Neweer Ring Light

The new addition to my lighting set up, this ring light is amazing for adding that extra glow around your face. It really helps to light up my face when I am filming hair & makeup tutorials



Rode Video Mic Pro

When it comes to audio and external microphone this is a must!


Zoom H1 Recorder

This Multipurpose recorder is so handy, its portable and easy to use.  I use it to record my voices overs. Additionally, I attached my Rode video mic pro for a clearer and better quality voice over.



Final cut pro editing software

This is the software I use to edit all my youtube and social media videos. When I first started creating youtube videos in 2012 I used windows live movie maker for a few years on my HP laptop. I then upgraded to iMovie before finally settling with Final Cut Pro.


Canva Photo editing app

I remember the first time I discovered Canva, it felt like I had gained access to some secret club. This is a brilliant free photo editing app. I use it to create Pinterest photos and youtube thumbnails etc.

Tripods & Accessories


Manfrotto Tripod

This tripod has been with me for years, its strong, sturdy and has a rotating ball which helps get the right angles when filming video.


Desktop Tripod

This handheld or desktop trip is multi-functional. This is my all time favorite, its been on so many holidays and blogging events with me. I use it for pretty much everything and anything.


Zoom H1 recorder Accessory pack

These accessories are really great for when I am doing my voice overs at my desk. They make my life so much easier.


 Double-sided Magnified Makeup mirror

Having a mirror you can attach to your camera makes such a difference! This allows me to see myself when i record hair and makeup tutorials


5 in 1 Reflector

This is a nifty gadget that incorporates several different types of reflectors into one portable and easy to use package. These include white, silver, gold, black reflectors (or flag), and a diffusion panel. Admittedly, I am still learning how to use these properly.



Web hosting, where I host my website

Not to be confused with is the more complex version of WordPress you use when you pay to host your website somewhere.


Mail Chimp

The software I use for my email list


Disclaimer: Some links I share are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you make a purchase through them.