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How To Do Mini Twists On Fine Natural hair

Twists are slowly becoming one of my favourite styles as my hair gets longer.  They are so easy and versatile and most importantly it’s a low manipulation protective style. If you have been rocking with me for this 2020 hair growth challenge then you know one of my goals is to hit bra strap length. I’ve really been big on low manipulation styles this year because it helps ya girl retain length! so it’s no surprise why mini twists are a favourite in the natural hair community! Today I’m sharing how I do mini twists on fine natural hair.

How to do mini twists on 3c/4a fine natural hair

Step 1:This is a fresh protective style for the week so start off on clean hair. Products used:

Step 2: Apply the Leave-in conditioner and moisturiser

Step 3: Stretch or blow-dry your hair. I’m not big on using heat but I decided to blow dry my hair so I could see how long it was (yes I was curious to see how far I’d gotten  in my hair growth challenge)

Tip: Your hair will be easier to manipulate,  less frizzy and your twists will have a more elongated look. You don’t need to use heat, there are plenty of ways to stretch your natural hair. Alternatively, you could let it air dry.

Step 4: Divide your hair into sections.

Step 5: Take a small to medium size part from your big section and add your products lightly in layers. I used Curls blueberry bliss Twist and shout cream then I added Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil hair pomade on top for that extra shine.

Step 6: Two-strand twist all the way down and finger coil the end with a bit of butter to keep ends from unraveling.


Tip: You can braid at the root 3 times over to avoid puffy roots.  If you have fine hair I would advise against borrowing hair from the sections or twisting all the way to the very end.  This will help prevent any knots and snagging especially when it comes to unraveling the twists when it’s time to take them out.

Step 7: Repeat steps all over the head to get awesome two-strand twists! You do not need to have clean parts if you don’t want to. I only pay attention to the front section as it will be on display.

This style can last for 2 to 4 weeks, with great care for the twists. You can style your two-strand twists in any style: spiral with curlers, updo in flat twists, etc. Have fun with your mini twists!

Watch How I Style My Mini Twists HERE

How to maintain and moisturize mini twists 

  • Use a satin/silk scarf at night to hold your hair in place 
  • Try to avoid touching your hair a lot, this will help to prevent frizz
  • Moisturize your mini twists often. Fill your spray bottle with water and a leave-in, then spritz it over your mini twists from roots to ends and saturate your hair well. Apply light oil to your hair from roots to end to seal in the moisture.
  • Wash hair with twists- I’ve seen many naturals wash their hair with mini twists but that doesn’t work for me at all, it really depends on your hair type and preference.
  • Re-twists hair at the front to keep it looking neat. (This is a must for me as my hair tends to get super frizzy.

Watch the video tutorial below

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mini twists on fine natural hair

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