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10 Low Manipulation Hairstyles For Natural Hair

10 low manipulation hairstyles for natural hair

If you’ve been following me on my Youtube channel then you know I’m the queen of low manipulation hairstyles! Whether that’s protective styling or a low bun to avoid unnecessary tension as long it’s a  low manipulation hairstyle, I got you covered! 

Why you should rock a Low manipulation hairstyle! 

Low manipulation hairstyles as you’ve probably guessed are styles that do not require you to handle your hair a lot so no fiddling, extra combing or anything that is tight on your scalp. These styles are usually easier to achieve and for the most part, requires less time. Flat twists, ponytails and updos are all great examples of low manipulation styles you can try.

Here are 10 Low Manipulation hairstyles for your Natural Hair!


1. High Puff Low Manipulation hairstyle High Puff protective styleThis is not only my go-to but every naturalista’s out there! We love rocking high puffs because they’re easy cute and perfect for those lazy days when you just cannot be asked but still want to look somewhat presentable.

Check out my post on the best way to achieve the perfect high puff HERE

 2. Roll pin & tuck

This is a great alternative for my natural friends who don’t know how to braid! This is a great lazy low manipulation hairstyle that’s quick & easy.

How to:

  • Start off with your hair damp or wet.
  • Part your hair down the middle 
  • Simple just roll and tuck until you get to the end
  • wrap the hair around itself to form a Bantu and secure with a hairband. Repeat on the other side then you’re done!

 3. Single Braids

This single braids are a great way to protect your hair, especially during colder months. I love doing these braids after wash day to help lock in that moisture. These usually last me 5 days or 7 days if I push it… as we all know my hair is extremely frizzy so I don’t hold out much hope for it last more than a week. 

Quick tip: I love mixing either my favourite leave-in conditioner with some water in a spray bottle to mist my hair to keep in moisturised during the week. 



4. Low puff 

I usually do this style on a day 3 hair from a wash and go, when my twist-outs or braid-outs start getting a little frizzy but a sleek low puff can also be done as a week’s style as it can last a long time depending on how you take care of it. 

Quick tip: To add more versatility I love adding two bangs at the front to frame my face, this is a great way to spice up a simple low puff with minimal effort.

5. Flat twist & Tuck 

When it comes to low manipulation hairstyles, flat twists will be are the number one go-to style which you will see many versions of in this blog post. One of my favourite way to style my hair so to do flat twists at the front and single twists at the back. 

3 ways rock this style:

  • Use hairpins to pin the back for a classic style as demonstrate in video
  • Part your hair into two sections to achieve two space buns
  • Divide the sections into 2 then tie the flat twist section in a bun and unravel the twists at the back for a cute half up half down style.

6. Low ponytail with elastic bands 

You can never go wrong with a sleek ponytail! This has become my go-to wash day style because it does not require a lot of effort.

Quick tip: Styling your hair when it’s wet makes it really easy to manipulate. Adding the elastics create a nice bubble effect whilst helping to stretch your hair.


7. Twist out or braid out 

I must admit, I’ve only been able to achieve a successful braid out or twist out a handful of times. It’s a style that requires experimenting to find out what products work and which technique is the best. Nonetheless, this is a great low manipulation style that’s perfect for every occasion especially when you want to get glammed up.

Quick tip: Try this style on freshly cleansed hair or dry hair that has been stretched to add length and volume. Moisturize hair then apply your styler of choice. 


8. Two Cornrow Braids 

I’ve been rocking the signature 2 braids since I could remember, I grew up with this style rocking it all through school along with all my classmates so its no surprise that it’s stuck with me later in my adult years. This style is incredibly versatile

Quick tip: Try adding clip-in extensions for added length and volume to spice up this look

9. Flat twist or braided headband  with puffs – TWA styles special

Looking at this style really makes me miss my short hair, if your rocking TWA (Teeny weeny Afro) these styles are super easy to achieve. Turn your flat twist or braid into a headband and add some accessories, this is a great way to spice up your  2/3 day old wash n go. Alternatively, you can add two flat twists to the each side for a frohawk.

10. 2 Flat twists or Halo twist 

Flat twists are a great alternative to cornrows because they work with two twists instead of three. This makes them much easier for beginners to get the hang of! It’s also a lot faster. This flat twist protective style is classic that you can rock all year round.

You won’t need too many tools, but before you start creating your flat twists, you should gather:

what’s your favourite low manipulation style?

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