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Best Technique For Super Defined Curls!

Looking to get a frizz-free super defined curls for your wash n go? Girl I got you!!!

So I recently bought a Denman brush after years of avoiding it! I know I know I’m super late to the party but hey, like my mom always says it’s better late than never!
I noticed this was a styling essential for many naturally curly Youtubers but I figured I already had enough tools but boi was I wrong!

I love trying different hairstyles and techniques so I bought this Denman brush to experiment with my wash n go’s and to try out a different detangling method. Let me tell you… I was not disappointment!


How to use:

  • On wet hair, smooth the leave-in conditioner in (using praying hand method)
  • Add moisturiser and rake it in with your fingers
  • Divide hair into sections and smooth down your styling product (I’ve used Camille rose curl maker but you can also use any gel)
  • Take sections & brush starting from the bottom of your curls to prevent snags & breakage
  • Shake the sections & watch your curl pattern appear
  • Scrunch using a Tshirt & air dry/diffuse ( I left my hair to air dry for a few hours to avoid too much frizz)
  • Separate curls/ pick and fluff for volume


Why you need a Denman brush for super defined curls!

After trying this Denman brush for the last few months – I can officially say I cannot go back to my comb because of how fantastic my wash & go’s have become! Warning: you will incur shrinkage!!

I’ve always preferred raking my fingers through my curls after adding my leave-in conditioner as you have seen many times in my wash-n -go tutorials because it distributes the products evenly, removes knots & helps to form several individual curl clumps instead of few thick ones.

However, I still don’t get the same shine & definition that using a Denman brush has!
My curls are super defined & remain knot-free longer -this is important because the longer my curls get, the more prone they are to frizz & tangles.

The only negative to using a Denman brush is the level of shrinkage! Girl… the shrinkage is real! I would advise you to keep this in mind before using a Denman brush for super defined curls. of course, they are many techniques on youtube to help with this.

Have you used a Denman for your wash n go’s or do you prefer to keep it strictly for detangling purposes?

Would love to hear your thoughts.


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