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Amazon Home Decor Finds

I’m always on the hunt for a bargain and we all know home decor can get pretty expensive so anywhere I can save money and get good quality items is just a bonus!  Lock-down has made it difficult to go out and shop for furniture as I would have liked so I’ve steered my attention to online shopping instead. 

Amazon has literally been robbing my money during lockdown! but I’m not mad 🙂 I mean, not only can you find a variety of decor in all kinds of styles, but they’re also available at various price points.

Below, I’m sharing some of my favourite Amazon home decor finds! I still can’t believe I practically been furnishing out my whole living room and now bedroom from Amazon.

How I save money when shopping for furniture Online

If you are like me and this is your first Home/Flat since leaving home then it’s so easy to get carried away and spend money on everything that looks pretty.

Here’s a quick hack that I’ve been doing to save money; I search online for furniture pieces I like, Wayfair Made.com and of course west Elm always has really cool things but double Price yikes…! I then head to Amazon to find a similar item for a half the price. I did this with my book shelve I purchased a few months ago.

Amazon Book shelve VS Wayfair Bookshelve – I mean can you even tell the difference?

Favourite Amazon home decor finds

I ROUNDED UP some home decor finds that caught my eye + that are all super affordable. Most of these items are new purchases for me. And, I can’t wait to show y’all an updated look in the Flat. I’m really in love with this book shelve as it sets the tone in my living room. The vanity desk is my latest purchase, I’m super excited to build and decorate! I will finally have a place to sit down and get ready in the mornings.

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Amazon Home Decor Finds


To see each item, simply click the corresponding name and you’ll be taken directly to Amazon or Opposite Wall online

  1. Stool 
  2. Plant hangers
  3. Channel coffee table book
  4. Round Glass Dining table
  5. Vanity desk
  6. Knife Set
  7. Industrial Style bookshelves
  8. Teal Pillowcases
  9. Humidifier
  10. Mustard Dining chair

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What’s your favourite Amazon Home decor find?

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