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Beauty, natural and fitness amazon essentials !

beauty fitnesS and hair Amazon essentials every girl needs!With all the extra time at home, online shopping has definitely been robbing all my money and the number one culprit is Amazon! Today I’m sharing my favourite amazon essentials that has been a life changer! Two of my favourite things to purchase from Amazon are hair and makeup tools, as they’re both affordable and on-trend with a lot of the most popular items today. Keeping fit and healthy has always been a priority so I’m also sharing a few bits I picked up to help me with my fitness journey! 

Watch the video below to see all the things I’m loving

Now that we are all at home, many of us have resorted to DIY beauty treatments, whether that’s eyebrow grooming, Skincare or manicures and pedicures. Whatever the case, having the right has definitely helped to make the process so easier and also enjoyable.

Amazon essentials for Hair

Creta girl wig

creta girl half wig - amazon essentials
How Natural is the synthetic Half wig! 🙂

This has been my go-to curly half wig for years! You can watch my video HERE to see how I blend and style this wig. I love repurchasing this wig time and time again because it’s very affordable and it looks great! 

Perm papers

Now, of course, this is optional but I use these perm papers for my twist-outs as they help prevent frizz from the grits on the perm rods. This is more of a natural hair hack. I will be creating a tutorial on this soon to share my tricks!

Hair Dryer

I’ve been using this hair dryer for some time and it definitely surpassed all my old hairdryers. This hairdryer is easy to use, lightweight and the nozzles stay attached and does not fall off midway through drying your hair. (this  was my biggest problem in the past)

To get a bit more technical “ It Contains Far infrared and Negative ionic technology which makes hair more moister, silky smooth effect, & also protects it deeply from damage and dullness”.


Amazon essentials for Beauty 

False eyelashes

I’m always on the hunt for false eyelashes, I accidentally stumbled across this brand when my pockets were too cheap to fork out money for the Ardell lashes. 

These were half the price and comes with a tweezer and disposable mascara wands. The lashes are natural glam wispies that’s easy to apply and does not scream “falsies” 

Revlon Eyelash glue

I’ve used this eyelash glue for months and it’s hands down one of my favourite. I personally prefer to use white glue because once it dries it gives off a blue tint which lets me know its time to apply the lashes. Let’s be real…. applying false eyelashes can tricky so I need all the help I can get. 

This Revlon lash glue has a super thin wand applicator which makes spreading glue on the eyelash band easy and precise; no more mess of squeeze tube eyelash glue. It dries clear and my lashes stay on all day!

Makeup brush cleaner

I discovered these little gems from another beauty blogger ( leave link) and since then they have made such a difference to my life! Cleaning my make up brushes is a task I really do not look forward to so any little helps. Using a silicone brush cleaner has definitely helped to speed up the time it takes to clean all brushes. They come with suction cups which I use to stick to my sink and the ridges help to get into the brushes to give a nice deep clean without damaging the bristles.

Eyebrow razor with pen

Now that my eyebrow lazy is temporarily unavailable (the good ol days) DIY eyebrow grooming is a must!  I use these once a week to clean up my eyebrows, I love the fact that they are not too sharp so I don’t have to worry that I will somehow cut myself. 

Vanity mirror with lights

I’ve been wanting one of these mirrors forever and I have zero regrets! This was one of my favourite purchases for 2020. Having a vanity mirror with lights provides a light system that projects a halo of illumination direction your face which makes everything from makeup application etc simple and accurate.

This Anjou makeup mirror was very affordable and once charged the battery life lasts a good few hours! Its also rotates and is very adjustable with dimmable lights. I’ve started using this when filming my hair tutorials as it makes parting my hair so much quicker.


Lifestyle and fitness

Waist trainer 

Whilst I’m still unsure if a waist trainers are effective I still went ahead and bought the Sweet sweat waist trimmer. Perhaps because of curiosity or hope, I’m still yet to determine.

I read a lot of reviews before buying this one. It’s aesthetically pleasing, adjustable It’s also easy to clean which I like.

Breville smoothie maker 

I’ve been after an affordable smoothie maker for some time now and this was a steal for just £20. It’s aesthetically pleasing and does not take up too much space in your kitchen. The Blend-Active has a 300-watt engine. Not quite as powerful as the 600 watts boasted by Nutribullet but The Blend-Active is still strong enough to crush ginger,  coffee beans and frozen fruit! I mean what more can I ask for at that price.

Smart planner

Last but not least, when it comes to productivity having a smart planner has changed the game for me! This is definitely one of my favourite Amazon essentials!  Since using smart planner, my productivity has improved 10 fold.

There are no pre-set dates in the planner which makes it easily customizable, along with the many ‘notes’ pages to get down all the extra detail you need to. In addition, there’s a weekly reflection section to write down any thoughts from the previous week and gather any ideas for improvements into the next week and finally, it’s filled with positive quotes throughout.


What’s your favourite Amazon essential?

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