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Trim Natural Hair & Blow Dry At Home

Have you ever struggled with that one task that you know will make your life easier yet you still insist on procrastinating? Girl…the struggle is real!

Despite the fact, experts suggest to trim natural hair every 3- 4 months, I am guilty of putting this off.  I know that getting rid of those dead ends and saying bye to those pesky single strand knots will allow for healthier hair.

With that being said, I decided it was time to finally blow dry and trim my natural hair at home. My previous trim was at a salon and although this worked out to be pretty convenient I know some people prefer to take scissors int their own hands

Trim Natural hair at Home or go to a Salon?  

Here are the pros and cons of Trimming your natural hair at home VS going to a salon

At Home


  • You are completely in control of how much length you take off
  • It takes less time. You don’t have to leave your house.
  • it’s free!


  • Very Intimidating at first
  • likely to cut more hair than needed
  • You have to do the work.



  • Convenient (you don’t have to do any work just sit and relax)
  • Professional Job ( You can relax knowing a qualified professional is trimming your hair)


  • Appointments can be time-consuming to schedule.
  • Hard to find a stylist you can trust


To prep, My go to is the blowout!

Everyone’s technique for blowouts is different — it depends on the how long your hair is, how textured it is, and how much shrinkage you’d be trying to stretch out. I always apply a heat protectant before I blow dry and then I separate my hair into 4 sections and work on each section one by one by.

Be careful to not damage your hair with heat, I keep my hair dryer settings on Low to medium heat.

Essential Blowout Tools

Make sure to cut your hair with professional hair shears. Really sharp scissors like these are non-negotiable. ( I’m guilty of trimming the hair with paper scissors!) Yup thankful for the growth. I said goodbye to those days when I purchased these scissors from Amazon and wow what a game changer! 

They are so many different methods to trimming  your hair at home including:

  • Two-strand twists –
  • Search and destroy
  • Blowout

Trimming is essential to healthy natural hair and length retention.  I would suggest researching and seeing what method works best for you.

Do you prefer to go to the salon for a hair trim or do you prefer to stay at home and DIY?

Let me know in the comments below


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