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Forest & Shore Hallelujah hair oil review for Natural Curly Hair

Hey, my lovelies! Today I’m sharing my experience using the Hallelujah hair oil Emily from Forest & Shore got in touch with me back over the summer asking whether I would be interested in trying their cruelty-free, 100% natural, organic oil.

Forest & Shore Hallelujah hair oil review Queenteshna

The first thing I did was jump to social media to check out the reviews and pictures (oh how I love this new age of social media and easy access to information)

Unfortunately, I did not see many girls with curly natural textured hair trying this product which left me a bit sceptical. (Hmm. Does this product cater to naturally curly hair?) 

However, the name Hallelujah hair oil is a pretty bold statement so surely it had to be great right!? 

As the saying goes… “Nothing ventured nothing gained”

Forest & Shore Hallelujah hair oil on curly hair Queenteshna

1st Impressions

I was completely drawn in by the packaging, it’s so Instagram-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The floral illustration on the box and the frosted glass bottle really gives it that elegant and sleek finish.  I love the fact it comes with a pipette which makes it sooo dressing table worthy!

Anyone who is into anything organic and natural, this hair product fits right in. Forest & Shore uses natural ingredients,  each product is certified organic and 100% natural. They don’t test on animals and are vegan-friendly. 


This hair oil is a blend of coconut, sesame, olive, sunflower & arnica, scented with rosemary and lavender. No alcohol, silicones, sulphates and parabens!

The hallelujah hair oil is a thin textured oil, easily absorbed, and claims to hydrate, nourish and restore damaged hair, 

Forest & Shore Hallelujah hair oil ingredients Queenteshna


“Natural ingredients are the most effective way to restore damaged hair. The penetrating oils will work deep into the hair shaft repairing broken, brittle hair & smoothing the follicles leaving you with silky, conditioned locks.”

How to use

  1. Daily/routine: apply 2-5 drops into palm and evenly apply from mid-length of hair to ends of towel-dried hair. Comb through and dry as normal 
  2. Hair mask: dispense 2-3 full pipettes into palm and massage into scalp, mid-lengths and end of the hair. Brush through, sleep and wash out

Watch the video below to see how I have incorporated  this into my night time moisture routine

After trialling this oil for over a month, it’s safe to say that I really do love it. The oil itself penetrates the hair easily without weighing it down, which is a major plus! My boyfriend also uses this oil and he has finer hair than me. If you have low porosity hair this oil is great as it’s not too heavy which is one less worry for us girls with finer-textured hair.

I use the LCO method on my 3c/4a type curly hair. First I add water then my favourite moisturising cream followed by Forest & Shore Hallelujah hair. 

The pipette really comes in handy especially when I have my hair in braids, it’s so easy to put it right on your scalp. I can put it exactly where I need it and massage into my scalp.

Forest & Shore Hallelujah hair oil review

I also tried this oil as a mask, I left it overnight and deep conditioned the next day. Personally, I did not see much difference in my hair texture. I’d much prefer to do a hot oil treatment instead to get my desired results.  I haven’t tried a hot oil treatment with this oil because I’m too scared to use up all my oil in one go. In the meantime, I’ve just continued to use this oil as a part of my daily moisture regimen. 


As much as I love the pipette, it’s fallen out a few times and it never really fills all the way to the top. Of course, this is very minor.

This is just preference, however, I was slightly disappointed with the end result after leaving this in my hair for 24hours as a hair mask. I was expecting my hair to feel softer and allow for better detangling. 

Perhaps I need to give it a second chance and try it one more time,

Overall, I really like Forest & Shore Hallelujah hair oil and I will definitely be purchasing after it finishes.

Have you tried this oil? What are your favourite oils for your natural hair? Let me know below – I’m always curious to hear your thoughts!

Xoxo Teshna

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