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How To Sleek High Puff On 3C 4A Natural Hair

Rocking a high puff is every curly-haired girl’s saviour! I love not having to worry about how I’m going to style my hair and how long it will take. That’s why the High puff is a favourite go-to styles for Natural Hair.

Creating this style does not require much effort, However, finding the right tools to create that sleek puff can be annoying, it can be as simple as finding a tool that doesn’t give you a headache.

Puff cuff vs Head band

Below I share the best tools I’ve been using over the years to create the perfect sleek high puff on my natural 3C/4A texture in 1 minute.

I also review the puff cuff and compare it to the experiences I’ve had wearing headband and scrunchies for years and the differences that I noticed.

Watch the video for the tutorial for a review & comparison of each tool!

What you will need
Spray bottle
Favourite Gel
Puff Cuff

What I use for perfect high puff

Puff cuff
I bought this from Amazon a few years ago and I was very impressed with how easy this was to use. You can purchase different sizes based on the styles you want to achieve or how long your hair is. I bought the biggest size because I knew I only wanted to use this to create effortless high puffs.

say goodbye to tension and annoying headaches – One of the biggest pros when using a puff cuff is that it’s never too tight! The puff cuff also creates the illusion of fuller natural hair, I mean who doesn’t want that big voluminous look?

The only limitation is you can’t really control the size of the puff unless you buy a bigger one, it’s not adjustable.

The past year or so the headband has been my go-to styling tool. I purchase my headband from Paks. I prefer to buy this in the store because I can feel the quality of the headband and how well it stretches. I only ever purchase the elasticated hairband with no metal or anything attached. This is to avoid any snagging or uncomfortable headaches.
I use the band with no wires or metal.

This honestly the laziest version as I just slip the band over my head and roll it up to create a nice puff. It’s fairly quick and thus far, I have not experienced any headaches.

The only downside is you will have to keep buying new hairbands because the bands do stretch out often. It also varies on the type of hairbands which is why I only use a specific type.

The tool I used the most in the past is the stocking. Either a knee-high or take an old stocking and cut towards the knee allowing room to stretch.

The biggest pro with using a stocking is flexibility and control. You can determine the size of your puff, you can adjust it to achieve a big or small puff.
I’ve also noticed that my high puff is much more sleek and tidy when I use a stocking as you can see in my 3 Easy Styles on Natural hair tutorial

My only limitation is it can feel a bit tight on my head which can lead to a headache. Be very careful not to knot it tightly to avoid tension.

I love rocking my hair in a puff and trying different methods for the same style depending on my desired result.

What’s your favourite tool for your high puff?

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