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Lydia’s Lock locks Hair Growth Supplement Review

If you have been keeping up with me over on my Youtube channel then you’re familiar with my 2020 Hair growth challenge! With all that extra time at home, now is the time to really focus on your curly hair care regimen or practise some Easy natural hairstyles.

 I’m on a mission to grow my natural hair to waist length, this journey will include a lot of trial and error. One of the things I wanted to implement in my hair regimen is hair growth supplements. 

I wasn’t sure which product to try because there’s so many on the market that makes the process overwhelming.

Initially, I wanted to try one of the popular hair gummies but I wasn’t impressed with some of the reviews online. Fortunately, I was contacted by Lydia’s Hair supplement who kindly sent me 2 bottles of Love Lock Hair growth Supplement

This was honestly perfect timing!

I know you are wondering, does it work? Have I seen a difference in hair growth? I will be sharing some before and after pictures with you guys

You can watch my review and my personal experience using love locks hair growth supplement in the video below or keep scrolling for before and after pictures.


Love Locks is formulated to help hair growth, as well as repair brittle hair, regrow any baldness, and recover from postpartum hair loss. It retails for  £23.99 and it claims to supports healthier, fabulous hair that makes you glow from within! contains biotin, millet extract, inositol, folic acid and MSM.

The only ingredient that I’m familiar with is biotin,  I took biotin supplements in the past for hair growth and I loved the results. You can check out my review here

Key ingredients to help encourage healthy natural hair growth.

  • Key Vitamins to Strengthen, Grow & Thicken
  • Vitamin A to encourage a healthier scalp, giving you shinier and more moisturised strands
  • Zinc to strengthen the hair shaft and minimise shedding
  • Biotin to help rebuild keratin and repair damaged hair
  • Vitamin C to fight the free radicals behind grey hair and hair loss

This has all the good stuff that our body and overall health needs to thrive.  If you’re taking any supplement, of course, make sure to compliment this by continuing to drink your water and keep your curls moisturising with a consistent hair regimen and you will definitely see a result.



what does Lydia's love locks hair growth supplement taste like?

It has orange and carrot flavour which is sweet to taste.  I usually dilute mine with water, similarly to drinking squash. Honestly, it just tastes like medicine with a hint of orange.



The 1st month after taking this consistently I noticed my nails were growing a lot faster, that’s always an indicator that my hair is also growing.

I’m on my second bottle now and one of the good things about taking this in liquid form is that you absorb 98% more of the nutrients rather than taking it in a tablet. so if you’re funny about taking pills etc then this may be a better option for you.



I’ve had a few pimples here and there but I’m certain if it’s just my regular hormones acting up. I’ve not experienced any side effects or crazy breakouts.

hair growth supplements review


Ok, let’s get to the nitty gritty! I know you all just want to know… Does it make your hair grow?

Here’s a look at my before and after photos!

Queenteshna 2020 hair growth challenge length check
The 1st month I was super on consistent! From January to February you can see my hair really grew


2nd monthLydia's love locks hair growth supplement length check
Between February and March, there were a few occasions where I forgot the hair supplement and I just wasn’t as consistent with my hair regimen. yup and it shows!


Final resultLydia's love locks hair growth supplement length check

looking at the results you can see that between January and March my hair growth retention was impressive.

length check to track my hair growth


I don’t have any complaints about Love Locks hair growth supplement.  My hair is thriving and my curls feel super healthy.  My only concern is what will happen after I stop taking this product? Will I see a decline or a reverse in results similar to what I experienced when taking biotin?

Only time will tell…

In the meantime, I’m super excited to see what my  3-month progress will look like.

Do you take any hair supplements? if you do let me know which ones in the comment below.




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