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June Hair Growth Update – 2020 HGC | Queenteshna

Hey Naturalistas

Can you believe we are literally halfway as in 6 months in with the 2020 Hair growth challenge! So it’s only right that a filmed a quick video to share my progress! Like with any goal, this is roughly the stage where everyone starts to lose momentum and drop off. I’m here to help you across that finish line girl…. We girl got this!!

Before we go any further it’s only right that I share my progress so far. Below you can see a copy of my Jan vs June hair growth progress. Feel free to send me an email or DM on Instagram with a photo of your hair growth thus far.

I would love to know what your hair goals are for the next 6 months and what you are currently struggling with?

My hair goals for the rest of the year

My hair goal is fairly simple, I want to remain consistent with my moisture routine. For the most part, I have been consistent and only slacking off here and there. However, on those days where I do slack off. My hair really sufferers by breaking and gaining plenty of those unwanted single strand knots. When my natural hair is moisturised I see a massive difference in length retention so moving forward that will be my priority!

Current Hair Struggle

Scalp care! This is honestly so alien to me, I’ve never really bothered with my scalp in my 8 years of being natural. To be honest, I’ve never really needed to pay much attention to my scalp as long as I kept my hair moisturise everything was happy go lucky! 

As of late, however, If my scalp feels abandoned then it starts throwing a temper tantrum resulting it itchy scalp which can feel really sore to touch. This is a completely new phase for me so I’m kindly reminded to keep my scalp happy or suffer the consequences.  Moving forward, this is a learning curve that I will focus on improving. I welcome all suggestions and advise.

Hair Growth Challenge Update!

Over the next  6 months, I plan to get more organised, if you are on this journey with me you understand how it can all get overwhelming. I have decided to break things down into sections so each week and month we are focusing on improving and addressing a specific concern.

 Topics I will be focusing on!

July- Get to know your

  • Hair porosity, density etc
  • how to moisturise your hair
  • Difference with using butters, oils and water-based moisturisers

August – Routines

  • Moisture routine
  • Wash day Routine etc.

These are only a few of the things we will cover in the next few months, I’m so excited to get back to basic and create helpful content. Be sure to sign up to my email list so that you can be the first to get access to hair growth tips and resources that will help you along your natural hair journey.


Don’t forget to share what your hair goals are for the next 6 months and also what your biggest hair struggle currently.

Talk soon







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