5 Comfy Loungewear Outfits You Need!

5 comfy lounge wear outfit to make you want to stay at home

Now that many of us are staying at home, swapping our office clothes and uniform for comfy loungewear outfits is the new norm! Well.. at least for the time being. Feeling good in the clothes you’re dressed in is an immediate confidence booster!

Like many of us, I’ve had a lot of time to sift through and organise my closet, it was only then I realise I’m a sucker for comfy loungewear! Basically, anything that allows me to run around braless wearing cute fuzzy socks and rocking an easy protective style.  There was only one problem…my loungewear was not so pretty to look at! and since loungewear is now a trendy…

I decided to jump online a grab a few of those pretty and comfy loungewear that I was seeing all over Instagram from every retailer under the sun lol. Boohoo, pretty little thing, Topshop and even Zara are all offering cute and comfy loungewear sets that I was certain would rob me of my coins £££

Watch my comfy loungewear outfit haul below

Here are 5  Comfy loungewear outfits I wear at home on Repeat


1. Comfy loungewear outfit knitted matching co-ord

This pink Boohoo knitted loungewear outfit set is probably the comfiest thing I’ve ever worn in my life! It’s loose on the skin which gives me a lot of breathing space and hides a food baby!  It’s also cute enough to run a quick errand to my local corner shop. 


2. Joggers

joggers are the ultimate comfy loungewear outfits

Joggers and sweat pants are the most common and comfortable things to wear at home. They are super comfy and makes me not want to go back to the unbuckling jeans.

3. Comfy Leggings

comfy loungewear outfits leggings

Comfy leggings are lightweight, flexible and not just for doing yoga. I love rocking leggings around the house with a nice fuzzy socks. These boohoo leggings were a bit see-through so I  threw on a cardigan or an oversize t-shirt when popping to the shop.

4. Hoody or Jumper

You can always find me wearing a hoody or jumper, partly because I’m always cold and I find them super comforting. It’s getting warmer in London so I may be able I’ll take a mini-break from my jumpers.

5. Basic Crop T

comfy loungewear outfits basic crop t-shirt(Complete outfit from Zara)

Basic T with oversized cardigan – This is my new uniform, I love wearing a crop T with an oversize cardigan with my comfy leggings, joggers and cycling shorts.

Which of the loungewear do you like the most?

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