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5 Ways To Rock Your High Bun On Natural Hair

When it comes to easy and quick Styling I got you covered! Don’t you just love that one hairstyle that’s reliable and quick? Yes.. me too!

You can’t go wrong with a good high bun. Buns work for every occasion you can think of, formal events, running errands to after work drinks. Buns are great multi-purpose hairstyles. Today, I’m focusing on the high bun and since not all high buns are not made equal.

I’m showing you  5 ways you can switch up your high bun.

Tip: Be very careful when putting your hair into a bun, as we all know, natural hair requires a lot of love. Too much manipulation, especially from bunning incorrectly, can cause breakage!

I love the overall sleekness and neatness of buns, I usually just use Eco styler gel to achieve a sleek look. However, if you want your edges laid I recommend tying your hair up with a silk or Satin scarf or using a stronger hold gel depending on your hair type.

I normally tie my hair down for 20 mins whilst I’m getting dressed to speed up the process.

I Love a good Top knot or Messy Bun! What’s your Favorite way to High Bun?

I would love to Know in the comments below!

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