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4 Easy Puff Cuff Natural Hair Styles | Queen Teshna

I’m always on the hunt for tools that will style my natural hair without any fuss! That’s why I love the Puff cuff! 

If there’s one thing that scares me when styling my hair is ‘tension, yes you know what I’m talking about… when your braids or headbands are so tight that you can literally feel the strands of your hair being ripped out of your scalp! Ok, a slight exaggeration but I’m sure we are all familiar with rocking cornrows and braids that are too tight which inevitable leaves us with a headache.

I’m saving my edges sis! Let’s leave those experiences in the past. 

Check out my blog post HERE for a detailed review of the puff cuff, where I talk about the differences between a using headband, stocking & the puff cuff.

What makes the PuffCuff work on my curls is that it is not elastic. It’s a big, rounded clip that can be clamped around curly hair to hold it in place without tightening and pulling.  It comes in four different sizes for different hair lengths and puff sizes.

The PuffCuff is clamped around gathered hair and with its comb-like bristles, curls expand into the clamp eliminating tension thus, making it a great tool for low manipulation styles.

So how do you use the puff cuff? Below I share 4 easy ways to style your natural hair using a puff cuff!

1.Regular high puff 

The high puff is every naturalistas go-to style because it’s easy cute and saves a ton of time. One of the biggest pros when using a puff cuff is that it’s never too tight! The puff cuff also creates the illusion of fuller natural hair.

 2. Low puff

sleek low puff on natural hair

 I love how elegant a sleek low puff looks. This is a great 2nd or 3rd-day wash and go style, simple use your favourite gel and brush your hair back in a low puff. Secure with the puff cuff and your good to go!

3. Low puff with bangs

how to style natural hair using a puff cuff sleek low puff with bangs using a puff cuffI love how easy I’m able to transform my low puff! Start by adding two bangs or twists to the front section of your hair to frame your face. This instantly gives off a new style without doing much.


4. Curly bang with accessories

Curly Puff with bangs and accessories - natural puff cuff styles Another way to style your puff is by dividing your hair into sections to create a curly bang then add some accessories.  I love playing around with scarfs or headbands depending on my outfit or what look I’m going for!  For a fuller or smaller look, try using a smaller puff cuff to achieve a different look.

Do you own a puff cuff? If so what are your favourite ways to style your natural hair using a puff cuff?


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