Say Goodbye Cellulite With Assome Ultrasonic Massager!

Cellulite is the one problem that most women encounter at some point; even the fittest women have to deal with it. Growing up, I never paid much attention until I started my beauty therapy course. During college, my teacher described cellulite as “toxic accumulation”. Analysing the different stages of cellulite was an embarrassing experience; we all had to do a pinch test on ourselves in front of the whole class! Basically, this is when you take two fingers and pinch the skin on your thigh or bum area to discover which of the four stages of cellulite you have. There are two main visible signs to look out for: the cottage cheese and corrugation.

Yup!..that was the first time I realised you couldn’t hide from this nuisance, cellulite does not discriminate!

I was very curious about the new Assome Ultrasonic Massager’s results as it aims to reduce the appearance of cellulite, whilst firming and lifting your bum without having to visit a salon.

The Science of Assome!

The Assome! massager system works by combining three revolutionary technologies – LED, radiofrequency and ultrasonic waves to fight cellulite and help lift and firm your booty in the comfort of your home. It makes use of high-frequency vibrations caused by ultrasound therapy to remove cellulite that is buried deep under the skin.

Testing the Device

Before trying out the device I read the booklet several times to ensure I fully understood the instructions provided. It’s very important that you test out the device before using it.

I started my first few sessions on RF slimming mode, this is recommended if you are just starting. Once I got comfortable, I worked my way up to CV Deep Cellulite Reduction and LED Skin Airbrushing mode. The first time I tried to the Massager, I must admit I had no idea what to expect, I applied the gel a little bit too lightly but quickly learned that it’s best to apply a good amount to the device before massaging it in. Once you start massaging the product around your bum, it feels cold to start off with but quickly starts to give off a warm heat to the area. I noticed after a few times using the device that I started getting a strong warm tingling sensation which lasted about 10 minutes. This was a sign of the ultrasonic massager doing its job.

Please note: it’s very important not to use the device for longer than 5 mins.

I used the Ultrasonic massager 3 times per week as per instruction, leaving a 72-hour gap between each session. For optimal results, it’s recommended to use the device for 90 days before seeing visible results.

The Assome! Starter Kit retails at £199 and is available to buy on their website

The Assome! Starter Kit includes

  • Ultrasonic Massager
  • Assome Ultrasonic Absorption Gel 100ml
  • Zero Gravity Assome! Ultrasonic Serum 15ml
  • Zero Fat Assome! Ultrasonic Serum 15ml
  • Zero Cellulite Assome! Ultrasonic Serum 15 ml

Does it work?

I tested the device for over a month and I noticed an improvement in the overall texture of my skin. Also, my bum felt firmer and more toned. However, I did not see a visible improvement on the appearance of my cellulite.

If you are looking for an at-home device to help tone and make your bum more firm, I would recommend the Assomme Ultrasonic massager.

Watch the Tutorial of how to use it here:

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Assome but all thoughts are my own

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