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Revamping My old Wig

Have an old wig that you don’t use anymore? Don’t throw it out! Just revamp it. I really enjoy watching videos or reading blog posts where you take something old and completely transform it. That can be your room, your dress or in this case My Wig! I can definitely admit to binge-watching a few of those videos.

I was very excited to partner up with Color Rebel London and create my own little transformation DIY video.

Color rebel London has a range of bright and vibrant colors that are great for spring and summer. I opted to mix the Red and purple colors together for a beautiful burgundy tone.

Admittedly, I was not sure how this would turn because although it was it also proved to be very challenging. However, I was really impressed with the final results.

I would suggest if you do decide to try something like this, please make sure that the quality of hair is top notch. This will help to avoid any unnecessary struggles.

You can thank me later

You can watch the video below to see the masterpiece!


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